In Memory of Chad Adam Simo
By Janet Jorgulesco

South Beach has sadly lost another beloved character from our hearts. Chad Adam Simo passed away on Monday August 25, 2008. You may remember him from Balans the place where he and I met many years ago, then he was at Grill Fish, then a few odd jobs in between but most recently he fed the starving at Books and Books Cafe. There was a quiet yet fitting memorial held at Books and Books last Friday. The attendees included co-workers, friends, family and a lovely priest who presided over the memorial whom had gotten to know Chad right there over coffee. Many thanks to the staff and management that provided breakfast and a place for us to reminisce together. His parents, Larry and Gayle we over whelmed by the outpouring from all of his friends and were comforted to know he had such a large extended family here.

Chad loved all things fun like comic books, video games, electronics and he loved McDonald's more than any adult ever should. The man who runs the show at Books and Books, Bernie Matz said about Chad "Chad was a friggin character, he always showed up for work on time and he was always great at work. I always tell my staff that we are a humble and casual place and my description of casual was Chad, that you are so good at what you do that it looks like you are not even trying. Natural. He had such a child perspective on everything and he was a real man child". That was Chad he made you appreciate the things that we loved when we were young and the things that can keep us young forever.

Sunday afternoon friends gathered at Finnegan's 2 on Lincoln Road to celebrate Chad and the fact that we were all together because of him. There was food, drinks and a photo memorial on a make shift set up on the pool table. The owner and staff will miss Chad and his nearly daily visits. We all miss his backpack and baseball cap propped at the end of the bar.

Andre Garcia, Chad's friend of more than 10 years and a waiter / manager at Grill Fish said "When he worked at Grill Fish Chad was known as the Grill Fish Gazette, he would come in telling everybody's news and dirt he was a walking newspaper. A big tattletale, if anyone ever did anything wrong he would like to get everyone in trouble. He used to piss everybody off. It was a love hate relationship with anybody with Chad because he was a real tattletale. Everybody hated him for it but they loved him for it too. It's just that young little brother that you have that you hate but you love".

Mikael Hansen whom we all know as Danish yet Chad always chose to call him "Gaynish" was a dear friend for many years that will miss Chad everyday. "Chad and I had many good times and many hard times too, we fought a lot but we were always friends. Chad and I had our play station in common. We loved to go to the movies and lay in the sun. I think I may have been the only reason he ever wore a wig. We all miss him but at least we got 8 or 9 years of good friendship together. I will miss you for a long time; no I will miss you forever. You were 36 but girl you were really only 12".

Chad will be missed by all including his best friend Gustavo. It is hard to loose anyone, especially one so young at heart and in years.

Rachael, the hot pink haired poet that mans the hostess station at Books and Books summed up Chad at his memorial the best:

Hot Pockets, Hash browns, Chef Boy R Dee!
Budweiser, Jaegermeister, Velveeta Mac and Cheese!
"Mmm... its so good!!!"
And you know
Our Chad would
Go the extra mile
For his Mickey D's...

All the while
In famous Chad style!
His long legged
Liquid limb walk;
His goofy grin,
Toothy loose lip talk...
"Sooo Maricon!"

I could go on and on and on. Still-
It seems some how
Some what wrong...
To think such sweet
Superficial observations can
Some how, some what,
The beautiful depth of
Such a complex man!?!
Who was so much
More than just
A dear,dear friend...

Chad was to you as
Chad was to me;
Chad was a part of The US THAT MAKES WE!!!
And WE
Who are blessed with
Hearts that still beat;
Must now carry on and
With respect
Carry a piece of
The joy that was
And his loyal, loving, happy-crazy, hungry Feat.

copyright Rachael Clements 2008